With the ability to monitor NMEA 0183 data, diagnose signal issues and predict failures due to signal quality, the X300 is the world’s first complete NMEA 0183 maintenance tool.

* Monitoring, checking and analysis function of NMEA 0183(IEC61162-1/2)    data
* General-purpose Oscilloscope which can diagnose NMEA 0183 signal    and electric signal
* Receive NMEA 0183 data without regard to the existing circuits by using * High Impedance circuit
* Receive NMEA 0183 data in low voltage which has never been received in    standard NMEA listener circuits
* Save NMEA 0183 data & Oscilloscope waveform in Micro-SD, and check    the data on a PC
* Generate NMEA 0183 data & Pulse signal useful to test equipment while      the vessel is anchoring
* Rechargeable battery system

This easy to carry ultra-compact unit is supplied with multiple style fluke test leads, allowing ease of use whilst ensuring accurate testing is   achieved in all applications and scenarios.

The rechargeable battery (charged by USB) provides a practical and precise tester tool for the most active of engineers.

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