AMI BNWAS, x810, Bridge Watch Alarm System


The X810 is AMI’s flagship BNWAS system, with a sleek capacitive touch design best suited to modern glass bridge designs, particularly of new build and refit vessels. Modern aesthetics, intuitive and user friendly, the X810 covers all 3 main alarm safety areas when activated, according to the latest IMO specifications:

Stage 1 – Audible and visual alarm local to the wheelhouse only

Stage 2 – additional audible and visual alarm in chosen Officer’s quarters

Stage 3 – additional audible alarm in further officer and crew areas

In addition to the standard “push to reset” controls, the X810 has the option of the X810-P Motion Sensor. When the sensor detects movement of the Officer On Watch (OOW), it will automatically reset the BNWAS count down, leaving the OOW free to carry out his/her normal duties without the concern of resetting the BNWAS manually every 3-12 minutes.

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