FURUNO ENVISION AR Navigation System is our all-new advanced augmented reality navigation system that provides substantial support to navigation, using the power of AR to go beyond reality.

Thanks to a camera pointed forward of the vessel, an image of the front view projects on a display and all the necessary navigation information is superimposed over this live video imagery by our AR technology. Even in adverse weather or visibility conditions, you can clearly view other vessels' routes and critical information, as well as own ship data, allowing you stress-free maneuvering and navigation. This very intuitive way to display and share the information between the captain and the bridge team provides enhanced situational awareness, crew confidence, watchman support, and allows for better coordination of crew members.

The FURUNO ENVISION series aims to contribute to the safety and security of the voyage by offering visual support to maneuvering and navigation during any operation, a further technological step towards autonomous navigation.

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