Winter conditions are difficult and they raise the cost of shipping. Environmental awareness has increased, and risk avoidance and minimization is becoming increasingly important. All of these things have led to the need to navigate safely when driving on ice, to reduce fuel consumption and to look for more places to pass-through ice alone in terms of time saving.

FICE-100 ice radar is suitable for all sizes of vessels driving in icy conditions. Ice radar's software has been developed in Finland Furuno's R&D department in co-operation with our customers.

FICE-100 ice radar is a hybrid ice radar, which is connected to Furuno FAR-2xx7/FAR-2xx8 ARPA navigation radar without affecting any of its properties or performance. Ice radar's principle of operation is the opposite of the navigation radar, so it is not suitable to the actual navigation. It requires its own processor and device in order to be efficient, due it's different calculation algorithms.

The software runs on the Linux operating system and its operation is reliable. Trackball control unit can be used as the drive unit.

  • The ice radar visualizes ice structures 
  • Discovers the optimum route to go through ice
  • Shows the track in bad visibility
  • Usable ice detection up to 6 NM
  • Ice radar stabilizes the ice picture compared to the navigation radar using advanced algorithms 
  • Ice radar is a supplementary system for navigation radar to observe ice conditions using the same outdoor equipment.

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