Wave Analyzer


* Economical and safe navigation
Leveraging the performance of the FAR-2xx8 and FAR-3xx0 Radars, the Wave Analyzer WV-100 allows real-time Finally, data sharing between ship and shore and between vessels is available for quick adjustment, economical route planning, and efficient traffic management around ports, where monitoring of sea conditions is required to guarantee the safety of all ships.

* World's First Wave Analyzer/S-band antenna compatibility
Possible to switch X-Band, S-Band and Solid State antennas according to weather conditions.

* Display wave data on the Radar monitor. The information can be displayed on both the PC screen and the Radar screen.

* Automatic adjustment function
It is the first time that a Wave Analyzer incorporates an automatic adjustment function that frees the user from calibrating the Wave Analyzer following the installation.

* Real-time wave data output
Via serial transmission, data can be output to any external compatible system (Automated weather report system and Dynamic position system .etc).

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