VR-7000/ VR-7000S

A Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) is similar to the black boxes carried on aircraft. The VR-7000 aids investigators in securing evidence by reviewing procedures and instructions in the moments before an accident. The VR-7000 collects data from all interfaced sensors on board the vessel, storing it in an external Data Recording Unit (DRU). The system comes with two tamperproof DRU units, one fixed and one float-free.
They are designed to withstand the extreme impact, pressure, shock and heat, which may happen during an incident.
When the DRU is retrieved, the stored dat can be replayed by authorities to investigate the cause of the accident.

  • Complies with the IMO performance standards for VDR and S-VDR.  
     * Data storing for 48 hours both in fixed and float free recording Unit.
     * Data storing for 30 days/720 hours in SSD in the Data Collection Unit.
     * No.1, 2 Radar and main ECDIS display images can be stored.                                      
  • Easy  to integrate with IBS Network
     * Radar and ECDIS that utilizes LAN interface based on IEC 61162-450 can be connected       through Ethernet.
  • Video LAN converter can convert the Radar signal (DVI or RGB) into Ethernet
     * Necessary when FURUNO Radar FAR-15x8/FAR-2xx7 FEA-2107/2807 or the products of    a third-party manufacturers are connected to VR-7000/7000S.
  • Optional sensor adapter gathers all the serial/analog/digital sensor data and collectively feeds it to DCU.
    Multiple sensor adapters can be interfaced depending upon the number of sensors to be    interfaced.
  • "Live Player V5" allows monitoring and playback of collected data on a PC. In               addition, remote replay and remote extraction via satellite connection available.
  • Extracted data can be saved onto a USB flash memory.
VR-7000 Live Player

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